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Professional Lighting Rentals For Weddings And Events In Wilmington

Did you know that, for a while, it was illegal to publish a picture of the Eiffel Tower which was taken at night? Although the landmark itself was public, it was adorned with professional lighting which was so well done – publishing photos was actually considered breaking copyright. We at Patriot Illumination understand the fundamental fact that great lighting is an art form. We know why more and more people are hiring professional decorators and lighting crews for galas, fundraisers, dinners, events, and weddings.

How Our Wilmington Lighting Rentals Can Change Your Venue

Our experts dedicate their time to learning the skill-sets to make your wedding or event something special. Here are just a few techniques from our bag-of-tricks:


Atmospheric and ambient, we place lights on the floor, pointed up. They usually cast interesting shapes and colors on walls, but they can also be used for dramatic effect depending on the area. A great and easy way to add some appeal to any area of your event.

String Lights

We can hang string lights overhead to give either a rustic, romantic, or magical vibe for your wedding or event. These come in a wide variety, so depending on style, you might see these lights referred to as “cafe lights” “fairy lights” or "marketing lighting".

Gobo / Texture Light

These are stencils which are placed over lights. The result is an interesting texture which turns any plain surface into something unique. Alternatively, we can even use this to project monograms or simple silhouettes onto any wall or surface.

Color Wash

Instead of highlighting a particular area or feature, we can use lighting to uniformly change the color of an entire room. This means we can cater to any color scheme or theme of your event, from underwater to classic romanticism we can make your vision come to life.

Pendant Lighting

A light that hangs from above. From Chinese paper lanterns to Edison Bulbs to a classic 50's diner look. It’s all about the style, intensity, and placement of these lights that add dimension and character for your gathering to marvel and enjoy at your event.

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Cost Efficient Lighting Displays in Wilmington NC

There are two ways to completely transform a standard hall or venue, either by complete reconstruction or creative lighting. One of those things (the lighting) is much cheaper than the other. Lighting is hands down the most cost-effective way to transform any standard space into something jaw-dropping. A few decorations and adornments can’t compete with the dramatic power of lighting makeover. You can change the color of the room, draw the eye to important places, and completely and utterly impress your guests. We’re of the opinion that great lighting can transform even residential properties throughout Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas into an event-worthy space.

For high-end venues, if you’re not trying to save a penny, you can also use lighting to highlight the already beautiful features of more high-end venues. Maybe you’re calling attention to one-of-a-kind architecture, or you’re drawing the eye to a prominent chandelier. You can even make an already beautiful cake, arrangement, or centerpiece pop!

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Rent What You Need And How You Need It

The techniques we mentioned (and many more we didn’t have room for) are just tools in our tool belts. We can mix and match them in interesting ways to achieve the result you’re dreaming of. After you reach out, we can talk to you directly or even coordinate with a wedding or event planner. Our experts can decide what makes the most sense to achieve your vision.

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Once we've got you on the schedule, now you can sit back and relax. All of our lighting services are all-inclusive, which means you don't have to do a single thing. We will take care of everything for you and provide the highest quality lighting products available on the market.

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