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We Love A Great Christmas Light Display

I mean… Who doesn’t? Along with jolly songs and gift-giving, it’s a core piece of the holiday experience. Christmas lighting is the most nostalgic aspect of the holiday cheer and hundreds of families throughout Wilmington NC make it a tradition to take night drives to view the best Christmas light decorations in town. Although kids absolutely LOVE the spectacle, a good number of adults we’ve met have lost their enthusiasm. If you’ve dealt with the hassle of installing your own Christmas lights, you know why.

Our Wilmington Christmas Light Installation Service

Lighting Up Your Home In 4 Easy Steps

Step 1

Designing your lighting display

Step 2

Installing Custom cut Lights

Step 3

warranty & maintenance

Step 4

removal and storage of lights

Avoid The Pain Of Christmas Light Hassles

There really is a lot that goes into getting it right. You’re probably familiar with these pains: Trying to find the right lights to buy, Risking your health, getting upon your roof, Replacing dead bulbs, Balancing your circuit load,Taking the darn things down before Valentine’s Day, Not to mention the freezing weather of North Carolina.

So yes: Decorating your house can be an absolute AGGRAVATION. Due to this pain-in-the-butt factor, it makes it truly a pain to have wonderful Christmas lights. You WANT to spread holiday cheer. You’d LOVE to be one of the many houses that amazes the community. However, you also enjoy your sanity. Who wants to spend “the most wonderful time of the year” stressing out more than they already do. WE UNDERSTAND AND WE ARE HERE TO HELP!

$50 Off Your Residential Christmas Light Installation

Our Christmas Light Installation Solution

Would you love to enjoy your Christmas this year without any hassles? We can’t do your gift shopping for you but we can help you give the best gift to your family… the most draw-dropping home in the entire neighborhood.Patriot Illumination is shaking things up, by offering commercial grade Christmas light installation at consumer prices. This means you can take the above list of “Christmas light hassles” and throw it out the window. To get a FREE Christmas light installation consultation, contact us today, We’d love to meet you!

Our Residential Christmas Light Installation Benefits

Custom Design

From concept to completion, our design experts can develop an idea from scratch, or take your own ideas and make them a reality. If you can imagine it we can create it for you.

Light Durability

Our lights don’t blow out after a night in the rain. We invest in the best, which makes our lights better than the rest! We only provide the best commercial grade, custom-cut lights.

Smart & Efficient

Your lighting display will automatically shut off every sunrise, saving both energy and money. Every sunset, they automatically turn back on without you having to lift a finger.

Quality Guaranteed

We have so much faith in our process that we make a simple guarantee: If anything should ever go wrong with the lights, we’ll be at your property ASAP with a solution in-hand.

Light Removal

When the holiday season comes to a close, we will safely take the lights down for you. We will also store the lights at our facility to be kept safe until needing them again next Christmas.

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