Poplar Grove Plantation

A Peanut Plantation Experience

Located near Wilmington in Pender County, Poplar Grove Plantation is a historic peanut plantation. This site was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. It is home to several historic buildings and a thriving peanut farming business. Whether you’re visiting for a day or planning a wedding, this historic site is sure to impress. Read on for more information. Below are some reasons to visit Poplar Grove Plantation Wilmington NC. Read on to find out more.

Visit Poplar Grove Plantation

One of the oldest peanut plantations in North Carolina Visit Poplar Grove Plantation Wilmington NC is a great place to learn about the past and experience a different type of history. This sprawling complex is the site of a 19th-century mansion and a former peanut and sweet potato farm. In its heyday, the plantation’s produce was shipped to markets in New York City. Today, the complex contains various buildings, outbuildings, and pastures. Visiting the plantation is also possible with a group or a class.

This historic antebellum home is located in southeastern North Carolina. The plantation produced peanuts and sweet potatoes for planter families to sell to the public and to supplement the diet of the enslaved community. The peanuts and sweet potatoes grown on the plantation were shipped to New York during the last decade of the nineteenth century. They were made famous by the famous circus performer P.T. Barnum, who brought peanuts to the masses. Browse around this site to check more places to visit.

Learn about its history

If you love the history of old plantations, then you’ll want to check out Poplar Grove Plantation Wilmington NC. Located north of Wilmington along US Highway 17, the plantation is a stunning example of antebellum architecture. Today, the foundation preserves the historic manor house and is a 501(c) (3) public charity. The manor house was restored in 1980 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The remaining 15+ acres of the original homestead are stewarded by the North Carolina Coastal Land Trust.

During the Civil War, the plantation’s former enslaved residents were still living on the property, though they no longer owned it. Their descendants began choosing surnames to signify their new status and solidify the bonds of their families. As a result, they were not only able to survive their enslaved status, but they also remained local landmarks in Wilmington until the end of the war.

Take a paranormal tour

If you’re interested in ghost stories, take a paranormal tour of Poplar Gras Plantation Wilmington NC. This historic plantation was the home to five generations of the Roy family, and some believe that ghosts and orbs haunt the property. The tour is offered on Friday evenings and costs $15 per person. The plantation is located on Highway 17 just outside Wilmington.

Tickets for a paranormal tour of Poplar Gras Plantation Wilmington NC are available at the Poplar Grove. Adult tickets cost $14, $12 for military members, $8 for students ages 11-17, and $6 for kids ages five to 10. Self-guided adult tours are available for an additional fee of $12. Depending on the day and time, paranormal tours can cost anywhere from $15 to $50 per person.

Poplar Grove Plantation is part of the National Park Service’s Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor, which runs from Wilmington in the north to Jacksonville in the south. The Gullah Geechee is descendants of Africans enslaved on plantations and is known for their unique Creole language and arts and crafts. The plantation has two museum buildings, a kitchen building, and a blacksmith’s shop.

Enjoy a wedding there

In Pender County, North Carolina, you can enjoy a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception at the historic Poplar Grove Plantation. This former peanut plantation was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979. It was originally a working peanut plantation that was sold to a local land developer. Today, this wedding venue offers a unique experience that will make you and your guests feel like royalty.

Poplar Grove Plantation is one of the oldest peanut plantations in the country. It is a beautifully preserved example of antebellum architecture. It is located north of Wilmington along US Highway 17. Up next is Soundside Park.


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