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Factors Affecting Holiday Lighting Prices

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Factors Affecting Holiday Lighting Prices

Holiday lighting prices can vary dramatically depending on the type of lights used, the number of strands, and the size of your home. If you’re looking to save money and reduce your energy usage, then consider switching to LED lights.

Compared to incandescent bulbs, LED lights use less electricity and last longer, which can help you keep your energy costs down. Using LEDs can also be a good choice for eco-friendly homeowners.

Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights can be a great option for your holiday lighting. They are affordable and have a relatively long lifespan. They are also easy to replace if one bulb burns out.

However, they can be dangerous if you use them for a long time or leave them on continuously. They easily get hot and can cause electrical circuits to overload.

Holiday Lighting Prices
Holiday Lighting Prices

This can be a risk for homes that have limited outdoor outlets. LED lights are safer in this regard because they can safely be connected 20 or more strands together on a single outlet.

They are also more energy efficient than traditional lights, so you can cut your electricity bill by using them for fewer hours per day. You will have to pay a little more up front, but your savings will quickly add up.

LED Lights

LED lights have a much lower energy cost than incandescent ones, which means they’ll pay for themselves quicker. For example, it costs some cents to light a 6-foot tree for 12 hours a day using LED lights, verses some dollars to use incandescent for the same length of time.

These lights are also less likely to break or burn out, which reduces your risk of fires and injuries if someone trips over them. Additionally, they are safer to use in your home and won’t send your electric bill sky high.

If you’re planning to replace your old holiday lights with new ones, it pays to shop around for the best prices. Many stores have seasonal discounts, so look for sales at the end of the year when people are trying to get rid of their Christmas decorations.


Installing holiday lights is a time-consuming task that can be dangerous for inexperienced homeowners. Hiring a professional is the safest way to ensure that the lights are installed safely and correctly.

Homeowners can get estimates from a variety of services in their area. This will help them decide which type of service to hire and what price range to expect.

The number of strands needed for your home will also affect the installation cost. Generally, an average-sized home requires 10 to 20 strands of lights.

Depending on the amount of light strands, a professional will charge between some dollars per linear foot. This includes the cost of the lights, the labor to install them, and the cost of taking down the lights after the holiday season is over.

The price of installation also depends on the size and height of your roof. If you have a difficult roof or need to install the lights in high-up locations, you may end up paying extra for this service.

Holiday Lighting Prices
Holiday Lighting Prices


The cost of wiring holiday lighting depends on the size of the home and what kind of lights are used. Typically, experts charge between some dollars per linear foot for installation.

They also include the cost of lights, light clips, and ladders for tall homes. Generally, the more lights that need to be installed, the more expensive it will be.

In addition, if you need to hire an electrician to install new electrical wires before you can hang holiday lights, this will add to the overall price of the project. Electricians can charge hundred dollars an hour for this service.

Another thing to consider is the costs associated with replacing fuses and breaking out other electrical wires. A fuse is a small section of wire that’s rated to handle overcurrent. When a fuse breaks, it shuts off the circuit so that overcurrent doesn’t flow through other sections of wire. This is important to protect your property and the people who live in it.

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