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During these busy times, During the holiday season, it’s customary for businesses to decorate for the holidays. We at Patriot Illumination agree there’s nothing we enjoy more than a GREAT Christmas display. We also understand the challenge of getting it done while it’s so BUSY. We’re business owners, too, so we understand how busy the holidays get. It doesn’t matter what sector you’re in: from retail stores to malls, restaurants to hotels. Even municipalities and offices see an increase in hustle and bustle.

Rather than taking on the task of tackling this yourself, you should be spending this time doing what you do best: running the business. Why waste your mental energy deciding which one of your employees to send to the roof with a coil of Christmas lights? There are professionals for these things, and we have a background in getting this done, and getting it done RIGHT.

Benefits of our Commercial Christmas Lighting Services

Custom Designs

The creative power of professionals is in your full control. We can either: Adhere to your corporate / franchise designated guidelines, follow your lead and bring your imagination to life or design a custom stunning display from scratch. You decide what route to take.

Professional Lighting

We provide commercial grade custom cut LED Christmas lights. We don’t get our lights from Home Depot or Lowes. These are professional lights that don’t blow out in: rain, sleet, snow, or wind Because we invest in the best, your business will always look top-notch.

Times Provided For

With our timers you get the choice between: completely manual on/off controls, lights that stay on all night long, giving a beautiful show no matter the time, automatic power-down at sunrise or timed power-down at store close. Whatever your schedule needs, we can make it work.

Full Service Guarantee

We have so much faith in our process that we make a simple guarantee: If anything should ever go wrong, we will return ASAP to fix any and all problems. We can deliver you exactly what you’re looking for, and we can deliver it in a way that works for YOUR business needs.

Light Removal

When need the lights down, we're there, no questions asked. We can provide safe and professional Christmas light removal around your working hours. We will safely package all of the lighting for your commercial building and keep the lights in our storage facility.

Make Your Business The Talk of The Town!

The Benefits Of Commercial Holiday Lighting

Of course, we’re well aware of the warm-fuzzies that spectacular Christmas displays bring. There’s more to it than that. In addition to the community, warmth, good vibes, and holiday cheer, there are more concrete benefits to adding Christmas lights to your business this year.

✓ Increased Revenues
Golden Corral performed a split test among all their restaurant locations during the holiday seasons. They logged the results and made some surprising conclusions. As it turns out, the locations with lights MADE MORE MONEY… which is why they’ll never go another year without Christmas lights.

✓ Employee Happiness
A study issued by the Journal of Environmental Psychology has found that Christmas decorations PHYSICALLY stimulate the neural pathways of people who see them. Despite surface grumblings, employees are actually happier when surrounded by Christmas decorations (and so are customers)

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Our Commercial Christmas Lighting Covers All Your Bases


The first step of our Christmas lighting service is to see your home or property and decide which designs will look best for your taste and budget. We can come to your home or even just view it on Google maps to see what we can provide to you.


Next, we will install our professional grade LED lights. These lights will fit your home perfectly, because we cut them to the exact measurements needed. The lights will look like they were made for your home only... because they actually are!


We offer the best maintenance service in the Christmas lighting industry. If for any reason whatsoever your Christmas lighting is not working properly we will come out immediately to bring them back to perfection. Service calls are always free.


The most dreadful part about having Christmas lights up, is finding the time to take them back down and doing so safely. You never have to worry about that again! We will remove the lighting and store them safely all year long until they are needed again.

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Once we've got you on the schedule, now you can sit back and relax. All of our lighting services are all-inclusive, which means you don't have to do a single thing. We will take care of everything for you and provide the highest quality lighting products available on the market.

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